3 Tips to Make Your Tile Roof Pop

Tile roofs are often chosen to stand out. But, when you live in Florida where they’re so popular, it can make it a little tough to do. Tile roofing creates an exotic look that can spice up any home, but how do you make it pop even more? If you’re trying to set your home apart, there are a few different things you can do to achieve this. From repainting your home to bring out the natural tones in your roof to adding tasteful decor that compliments your tile, blending in with the rest of the neighborhood will no longer be an issue. Here are a few ideas you can try to make a real statement with your tile roof.

1. Use foliage to bring out the color of your roof.

One quick and easy fix to bring out the color in your roof is to bring in some contrast with particular plants and greenery. The contrasting color of red is green, so if your goal is to bring out the color of your tiles, surrounding it with leafy foliage is a great solution. You can try planting palm trees to get more color up near the roof.

If you already have palm trees (or want something different), planting vines near the side of your home will give it an excellent rustic look without the lasting decision of a tree.  For a less permanent choice you can strategically place potted plants with lots of green around your home. But, if you are looking for a drastic change, you could try something more significant.

2. Repaint your home with complimentary colors.

Repainting your home can bring a new and fresh look to a classic design. But what color should you choose? When it comes to pairing colors with a tile roof, natural is always better. The house color should complement the roof color and pull the look of the whole home together. When painting, it’s best to stay on the same side of the color scale as your tiles. If you have traditional red or orange tiles, consider colors with warm undertones like gold, light brown, or rich tans.

To be sure you love your color, we advise starting small. Buy a quart of the color you are considering and paint a large swatch (near your roof if possible) to make sure it blends well. If repainting your whole house is just too big of a task, there is one last solution to making your home really pop.

3. Have your tile roof sealed.

We understand repainting your whole home is a lot of work just to make your roof look better. Another option is having your roof cleaned and sealed. If you’ve had your tile roof for a while and it is beginning to look dingy or faded, you may be due for a cleaning. Having your roof cleaned and sealed will make  it look new again. It will also make your roof last longer – something that we all want!

The key to having your tile roof cleaned is doing it right. The best way to clean a tile roof is with a touch-free, gentle pressure washing system. Allied Roof Cleaning offers an eco-friendly, no touch, low-pressure system that is perfect for any tile roof. We also guarantee satisfaction and take before and after photos to ensure no tiles are damaged in the process.

Are you ready to make your tile roof look new again?

Your home is your life, and we want you to be completely satisfied with how it looks. It’s easy to get tired of seeing the same thing every day. So, whether you end up merely redecorating or repainting, we assure you one of these tips will give your roof a totally new look. We want you to feel confident and proud that your home is the best on the block!

If you decide you would like to have your tile roof cleaned or sealed, get a free online estimate with us today, and we will give you the best service and results around.