We Exercise Care While Roof Cleaning

Carelessly walking on your roof tiles can lead to damage that compromises the roof as well as potentially impact to the warranty on the roof. That’s why we exercise a high level of care while traversing your roof. We ensure that our workers' weight is distributed correctly and evenly and that they cross the right direction. We also do everything we can to minimize the amount of foot traffic on your roof.


We use a combination of Eco-friendly soap and highly diluted chlorine. This foam solution is gently sprayed on the roof, where it kills mold and algae, and loosens dirt. After a few minutes, the foam is rinsed off with clean water, and your clubhouse's roof is IMMEDIATELY clean! Our crews water plants and impacted surfaces before, during and after the process and cover delicate plants.


When pressure washing a tile roof,GENTLE is better. The goal is to clean your surface with the lowest pressure possible necessary to do the job. "High pressure" or "power" cleaning removes the top surface of the roof tile thereby reducing the life expectancy of your roof and in many cases, impacting the warranty on your roof. Gentle, low pressure cleaning is recommended to keep your roof tile healthy and clean.

Our mission is to become your HOA's premier Southwest Florida exterior pressure cleaning and tile roof cleaning company. We’re dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience by offering quality tile roof and paver cleaning services all with innovative solutions through a smooth and simple process. Our team of highly trained professionals specialize in working with Home Owners Associations and commercial customers for all their roof cleaning needs.  Give Allied Roof Cleaning a call and let us take care of your HOA roof cleaning services for you.

Looking to hire a professional roof cleaning and pressure cleaning company for your Naples or Fort Myers HOA? We are proud to service the following areas:

  • Offering Sanibel and Fort Myers Tile Roof Cleaning Services
  • We Cover from East Naples to North Naples with Tile Roof Cleaning Services
  • Servicing Cape Coral and Pine Island with Tile Roof Cleaning Services
  • We Service Bonita Springs with Tile Roof Cleaning Services
  • We Also Service Estero with Tile Roof Cleaning Services

HOA's require a quality roof cleaning company that understand how to clean a number of different types of roofs. In a typical community, there may be a golf course or tennis courts, large clubhouse and steel cart barns. We also see small utility sheds and a variety of dwellings. From single family homes to three story condos, a commercial roof cleaning company needs to do it all if they are going to bid on any HOA job. If your HOA is in Fort Myers, Naples or Cape Coral, Allied Roof Cleaning will be happy to give you the best price we can. Here is a list of the types of roofs we clean:

  • Clubhouses & Cart Barns with Tiles Roofs and Concrete Roofs
  • HOA's require Car Ports & Garages to be pressure cleaned.
  • Townhouses have Clay Tile and TarraCotta Tile Roofs
  • Single- & Multi-Family Homes Require Concrete Tile Roof Cleaning and Sealing
  • Condominiums are the most challenging roofs to clean and Seal.
  • We Commonly Clean Barrel Tile Roofs
  • We Clean Flat Tile Roofs
  • We Clean Commercial and Residential Concrete Roofs
  • With Expert Care, We Clean TerraCotta Tile Roofs

Just one Roof Cleaning and Sealing will make the roof tiles lookl new for years. While extending the life of the Tile roof and structure.

  1. Protect Against Damage & Mold: Roof algae, mold, moss, and lichens are feeding on the organic material on your roof. All roof types (including ceramic, clay, and cement roof tiles; asphalt and fiberglass shingles; and wood shake or metal roofs) are susceptible to algae infestation.
  2. Stay Up-to-Code: Your insurance company can cancel your homeowner’s policy and your HOA can remove your community privileges. Insurance companies know that roofs without the proper cleaning and sealing will negatively impact the overall integrity of the roof, leading to wood rot and mold growth even inside your home.
  3. Restore Color & Prevent Fading: Increase your curb appeal by restoring your roof to its original color – and keeping it that way. We offer a sealant that provides UV protection, protecting your home from the unrelenting Florida sun.
  4. Keep Cool & Save Money: An algae-covered roof absorbs heat and increases your cooling costs. Pressure washing and sealing your roof tiles will improve the efficiency of your home to heat and cool, keeping your electric bill down and your comfort up.
  5. Stop Unwanted Visitors: According to critter control experts, the odor of rotting wood can attract animals. Prevent pests from invading your home by keeping your roof dry and protected.
  6. Avoid Re-Roofing Costs: Pressure cleaning your tile roof is a cost-saving alternative to premature re-roofing. There is absolutely no reason to re-roof when your roof can look like new again for a fraction of replacement costs.
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Our team of highly trained professionals specialize in both commercial and HOA tile roof cleaning and sealing services. We are experts in all types of roof cleaning services – let us take care of your HOA for you.

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