Why Choose Allied Roof Cleaning?

Preserving your home from the Florida weather is necessary. The sun, wind, and rain can cause a lot of damage to your home’s exterior. Weather conditions are not the only factor that can cause wear and tear. Time can also be a thief of the integrity of the exterior of your home. This is the part where Allied Roof Cleaning comes in. Likely, you have not considered having your roof and home exterior cleaned as a way to protect it from weather and age. However, doing this can make your home look brand new again. Here are 5 reasons why you need Allied Roof Cleaning:

1. Extend the Life of Your Roof

It’s no secret that a brand new roof costs a fortune. It’s also no secret that after a certain amount of time, a new roof is almost necessary. But, what if you could extend the life of your roof? At Allied, our roof cleaning service is top of the line, gentle, and eco-friendly. We take great care in preserving your roof tiles while ensuring our work is detailed and thorough. Your roof will look brand new again, and you’ll add years to its life!

2. Sealant for Durability and Long Lasting Results

Why not seal the deal on your exterior cleaning? Whether it’s your roof, driveway, or walkway, we have a sealant for you. We customize our sealant based on the surface we’re sealing. Pavers, concrete, travertine, and decorative stone are all included in our sealing services. With Allied Roof Cleaning & Sealing, you’re guaranteed durability and long-lasting results for your home’s exterior.

3. Pressure Washing 

Not only does Allied offer roof cleaning and sealing, but we also offer pressure washing. Lanai screens, pool cages, property exteriors, commercial building exteriors, concrete or paver driveways, sidewalks, concrete or paver patios, pool decks, wood and vinyl fences, parking lots, streets, curbing, and gutters are just a few of the pressure cleaning services we offer. You name it, we can more than likely pressure wash it!

4. Outdoor Algae Control

Especially in Florida, algae on exterior surfaces play a huge role in shortening the life of your home and roof. At Allied Roof Cleaning, we use something called Citra-Shield. Citra-Shield is a revolutionary green exterior cleaning system that doesn’t harm the environment or your wallet. It is specifically designed to maintain the integrity of your outdoor surfaces while working naturally, over time, to clean your exterior of any algae. 

5. Residential and Commercial Services

At Allied Roof Cleaning, we offer both residential and commercial services. We pride ourselves on not being limited to one specific area of exterior cleaning and sealing. We can help your residential community or HOA stand out from the rest or assist in protecting the exterior surfaces of your business. We’re a power washing service that goes beyond just roofs, and we make ourselves available to homes and businesses alike.

Whether it’s an extension on the life of your roof, sealant to provide durability and long-lasting results, pressure washing for all of your exterior surfaces, outdoor algae control, or services for both residential and community buildings, Allied Roof Cleaning is your place to call. We are committed to making sure our work is top quality, no matter which service you choose. We are Southwest Florida’s number one choice for roof cleaning, pressure cleaning, and sealing, and we would like to be your number one choice as well. If you’re still questioning why you need Allied Roof Cleaning, visit our website to learn more!