Travertine Color Enhancement

enhance natural look & color

Natural stones (such as sandstone and travertine) are high-end building materials used for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Coating or sealing unpolished stones is highly recommended to add durability and restore its beautiful texture. Coating or sealing also protects natural stones from environmental damage. Ure-Seal coating is well sought-after for its super hydrophobic properties and ensures promising results for up to 2 years. The travertine color enhancement sealant is not affected by any weather changes and remains waterproof due to its penetration into the surface’s pores. Treated surfaces look natural and non-slippery, which is especially important for pool decks, pool copings, driveways, and many more regularly-used areas.

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STEP 1: Visit from Certified Technician to Check & Verify Services Required

STEP 2: Sanitizing & Cleaning to Remove Stains/Debris

STEP 3: Pressure Washing & Soft Washing to Remove Detergents or Acids

STEP 4: Technicians Replenish Sand Lost During Cleaning

STEP 5: Application of Ure-Seal Stone Sealant

STEP 6: All Set - Just Let Dry



Ure-Seal normally dries in sunny areas within 2-3 hours but it requires nearly 24-36 hours for curing. Shaded areas, low temperatures, or higher humidity may slow down the drying process. The surface may be kept open to foot traffic in 2-3 hours and to vehicular traffic in 24-36 hours. We recommends all sprinkler systems be turned off during this time to allow proper curing.


Our travertine sealer is a protectant that layers your stone surface with super hydrophobic coating, thereby reducing mold and mildew. Periodic washing with plain water to keep the area clean is recommended. Acids, gasoline, hydraulic fluids, and motor oil spills should be removed from the surface as soon as possible.

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