Protecting and Cleaning Outdoor Surfaces the Smart Way

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a product that could clean mold, mildew, fungus, and algae and make cleaning outdoor surfaces simple? Or one that you could safely use on tile roofs, stucco and pavers at the same time? What about a cleaner that doesn’t require scrubbing? What if we told you the product exists and we’re ready to bring it to your home or business?

Citra-Shield is an environmentally safe exterior cleaning product that is safe and effective to use on almost every surface.

Virtually any outdoor surface.

Citra-Shield is safe to use on virtually any outdoor surface. It can clean your roof whether you are using tile, shingles, composites, even wooden shake roofs. It can safely clean stucco and all types of decking, including wood and PVC. Pool decks, sidewalks or driveways can be cleaned with Citra-Shield. Awnings, including vinyl and cloth, can benefit from Citra-Shield, as well as all types of fence.

Since Citra-Shield is non-corrosive and not sprayed at a high velocity like pressure washing, your surfaces are protected from damage. This gentle system can save you thousands of dollars in the long run while keeping your surfaces looking as good as new.

No scrubbing

You read that right. There is no need to scrub surfaces you are cleaning with Citra-Shield. Not only is this a big time saver, but scrubbing can become tedious quickly. It’s pretty rare to find someone who enjoys scrubbing a driveway or the canvas over their boatlift. Cleaning outdoor surfaces has never been easier.

Protects the environment

Citra-Shield protects the environment in a couple of ways. First, it is 100% biodegradable. No harsh chemicals to damage the plants or get into the water table. You won’t have to worry about your landscaping or lawn being damaged. That saves time and money while cleaning outdoor surfaces.

The water situation in Southwest Florida is critical for all of us. Because Citra-Shield doesn’t require any rinsing, its use also saves water. And because it prevents molds, mildew, algae and more, it further cuts your water consumption. Protecting the environment while protecting your investment is a win-win.

What does it work on

Citra-Shield removes green and black algae, moss, mildew, fungus, and lichen stains without scrubbing or rinsing. It also prevents them from growing. Because it is safe and gentle, it can even be used as a preventative treatment.

If Citra-Shield sounds like a product that you’d like to use to clean and protect your outdoor surfaces, contact us. We will be happy to come to your Naples, Estero or Fort Myers home or business and let you see the impressive results that this product provides.