Protect Your Pavers with Cleaning and Sealing Services

Southwest Florida is a beautiful place to live. Fort Myers, Estero and Naples see a winter marked more by increased traffic than by bad weather. Unfortunately, this amazing weather comes at a price and your pavers pay that price. The good news is that our cleaning and sealing services can keep your pavers looking clean and attractive year-round.

Why cleaning and sealing?

We love our sun here in Southwest Florida, but it is a two-edged sword. The sun can be brutal on your pavers, causing them to fade and discolor. At the same time, getting enough sun helps pavers dry faster so they are less likely to develop mold or mildew. A good, professional cleaning will get rid of the mildew and mold that can easily start on their porous surfaces so that nothing harmful is sealed in

Once the pavers are clean, applying a high-quality sealant like Cobble Loc can keep them clean. Beyond that, it helps protect them from fading in the punishing Florida sun and reduces damage from erosion and chemicals like oil or rust.

Hire professionals

You love your property, so there is a natural desire to take care of it yourself. Or to find someone on Craigslist or Facebook and hire them. We would ask you to reconsider doing either of those. In many cases, our process has to start with stripping away improperly applied sealant because it was either applied incorrectly or the cleaning was not thorough before it was sealed. Allied Roofing will send experienced professionals to ensure that your property is protected, and the job is done right.

Why re-sanding is important

We often only think of making the pavers clean and then sealing them. Those are important steps, but so is re-sanding. Scrubbers, pressure washing and even the wind can cause the sand between the pavers to slowly disappear. That sand serves some important functions. It stabilizes your pavers and keeps them separated. It also prevents weeds and grass from growing between them. That sand needs to be maintained and periodically replaced for your pavers to remain stable and easier to maintain. Many cleaning companies will not do this, so their results won’t last as long and force you to buy services again at a shorter interval. Not only do we re-sand the pavers, but we also use special sand that “hardens” when we apply the two coats of our sealer.

The right steps

Taking the right steps, in the right order, are key to not only completing the job but doing it well.

  •       Using a highly diluted chlorine mixture, we treat the surfaces to kill mold and mildew.
  •       If an area has efflorescence, we use our Cobble Loc product to restore its appearance.
  •       In areas that have dirt, oil or other stains we have a special degreaser that will pull much of these containments to the surface.
  •       We complete a thorough power washing of the entire area. If needed, we use a heated pressure wash.
  •       We re-sand with specially blended, paver-specific sand that is brushed and watered into place.
  •       We apply two coats of Cobble Loc paver sealer.

Normally this process is done in a single day. Cobble Loc carries a 2-year brick paver sealing warranty, so you won’t have to worry about this again next year.

If you’re ready to have your pavers look clean and restored for the next 2 years, contact us about our cleaning and sealing services. Our professionals are waiting to answer your questions.