Professional Pressure Washing Can Improve Your Property

Many areas of Naples, Fort Myers and the rest of Southwest Florida saw damage during Hurricane Ian. As we recover from that event, our immediate focus is on the repair. But afterward, cleaning and returning the property to its beautiful state is a step most property owners want to take. Pressure washing is a frequent part of the clean-up process, but owners of commercial buildings and homes have to be careful. Hiring companies that aren’t professionals can cause damage. Here are some things to think about.

What Can be Pressure Washed

There are many surfaces that can benefit from professional pressure washing. Usually, items like driveways and sidewalks immediately come to mind, but there is so much more. Pool cages, wood and vinyl fences, pool decks, pavers and even the exteriors of homes and commercial buildings.

All Pressure Washing Isn’t the Same

When cleaning a concrete driveway, a high-pressure washing is usually one of the steps. This is usually a good choice for other surfaces, like fences, pool cages or sidewalks. Cleaning those surfaces with a high-pressure stream of chemical wash and water will get them nice and clean.

Roofs, however, should not be done that way. High-pressure washing can remove the top surface of the roof tile, reducing the life expectancy of your roof and in some cases, impacting the warranty on your roof. Instead, we use a low-pressure, eco-friendly method that cleans and preserves your roof tiles while protecting your plants and landscaping.

Property Value

Curb appeal is a real thing. Studies have shown that things like cleaning, landscaping and other things that are visually oriented can make a 15% difference in property value. Pressure washing things like the roof and driveway creates an impression that the property is well-maintained and well-cared for.  

After it is Clean, Seal it

Once your roof, concrete or pavers are clean, it’s a great time to think about preserving them. Our sealants don’t just keep things looking good. Sealants can reinforce the density & hardness of the concrete by up to 30%. Sealants can extend the life of pavers and concrete and prevent them from absorbing oil, rust, and other stains.

They can prevent damage from bacteria, mold, mildew, and algae. This means not only protecting your surface but not having to clean them as often. Our Cobble Loc paver sealant has a 2-year warranty, as does our concrete sealing process. Roof sealant options include Arrest’r, with a 2-year warranty or Sealant RS with a full 5-year warranty.

Whether it’s a roof cleaning service, sealant to provide durability and long-lasting results, pressure washing for all of your exterior surfaces, outdoor algae control, or services for both residential and community buildings, there is no better place to call than Allied Roof Cleaning. We service Naples, Fort Myers, Estero and the rest of Southwest Florida. No matter which service you choose, we are committed to making sure our work is top quality. If you’re still questioning why you need Allied Roof Cleaning, visit our website to learn more!