ClenzOzone Blue Ox Maxx Concentrate


Ideal for large-scale commercial or industrial disinfecting. Blue Ox Maxx Concentrate is 6% Hydrogen Peroxide that can be diluted down to 3%.

How to Calculate the Amount Needed


Example Calculation: To get the number of gallons per application, divide your square footage by the area listed for your application method. Using an Electro-Static sprayer with a 1:1 dilution for a 20,000 sq ft building, will use approximately 2 gal per application.

Multiple the number of gallons by the number of applications. For instance, for two services per week, applying before, between, and after (three applications) the building above would require 6 gallons per week.

To order enough to last 6 weeks, multiply the number of gallons per week times 6. In this case, 36 gallons.

Always round up to make sure you have enough!