One Small Step is Too Many – Try Gentle, Low-Pressure Cleaning Instead

Can hiring a roof cleaning company impact the warranty on your tile roof? Absolutely.

As a homeowner, it’s critical you understand the most important warranty you’ve got on your home – your roof.

Most reputable builders offer a 20-year to lifetime warranty on their tile products, protecting you from leak-related damage due to manufacturing defects. Among other things, these warranties do not typically cover damage to the tiles resulting from traffic on the roof.

In a recent review of the most prevalent builders in the Southwest Florida region, their roofing contractors/suppliers (Eagle Roofing, Hanson, and Boral Roofing) provided clear guidance for proper protection of their roofs.

In a letter to new owners, they present virtually the same clear direction:

“To assure maximum benefits from your tile roof, minimize walking on the roof to avoid damaging tiles.”

Only one company in Southwest Florida has a proven technology and process to provide a superior cleaning without anyone stepping foot on your roof. Allied Roof Cleaning uses low-pressure cleaning and does NOT walk on the surface of your roof. Most pressure washers use systems that generate 3,500 psi. They typically walk on the roof keeping the tip inches from the surface of the tile.

When cleaning your roof, GENTLE is better. The goal is to clean your surface with the lowest pressure possible necessary to do the job. “High pressure” or “power” cleaning removes the top surface of the roof tile, thereby reducing the life expectancy of your roof and, in many cases, impacting the warranty on your roof.

Gentle, low-pressure cleaning is recommended to keep your roof tile healthy and clean.

We use a combination of eco-friendly soap and highly diluted chlorine. This deep cleaning foam solution is gently sprayed on your roof, where it kills mold and algae and loosens dirt. After a few minutes, the foam is rinsed off with clean water, and your roof is IMMEDIATELY clean! You will have a cleaner roof, with no stripping of paint on walls or pool cages (like with pressure washers) and longer protection from mold and mildew.

Don’t damage your roof or your warranty. Listen to the experts who know Southwest Florida roofs. Protect your investment with gentle, low-pressure cleaning.