Consider Roof Sealing When You Repair or Replace

Much of our area is in the recovery phase from our encounter with Hurricane Ian. Part of that recovery process will involve repairing or replacing roofs that have been damaged during the storm. If your roof is one of those being repaired or replaced, one thing you may want to consider is adding roof sealing to your project.

Longer Life

Using Sealant RS, Allied Roof Cleaning’s own sealant solution can extend the life of your new roof tiles. Sealant RS actually goes into the tiles, rather than just lying on top of it. This helps create a waterproof barrier. It also strengthens the tile and stronger tiles can last longer.

Stays Clean

Tile roofs look great, but there are a lot of things fighting against them staying that way. Stains from nearby horticultural sources, bird or animal droppings and some chemicals are frequent causes of problems. However, one of the most common issues is mold and mildew. That is most often what homeowners (and their HOA) notice. The waterproof barrier formed by Sealant RS prevents mold and mildew from growing on your roof for 5 years.

Stays Beautiful

Time, rain and improper roof cleaning methods can rob your roof tile of its beauty prematurely. Roof sealing can prevent that. The Florida sun that we love can be brutal on roof tiles. Tiles that have been sealed with Sealant RS are not impacted by the UV rays that beat down on them all day, every day. Rain and water can also cause the pigmentation of your tiles to move and fade. Our sealant prevents water transmission.

Protects Other Surfaces

There are other surfaces at your home that can enjoy the same benefits of professionally applied sealant. Cement and stone surfaces can be waterproofed. Pavers can also be sealed and protected. Or you may want to consider using our Cobble Loc product. Scheduling to have those done at the same time as your roof can be done easily.


We don’t just tell you that Sealant RS works, we back it up. We give you a 5-year warranty on roof tiles and vertical surfaces that are professionally sealed with Sealant RS. Imagine, a strong, good looking and protected roof that you don’t have to worry about for years.

Whether it’s roof sealing to provide durability and a great appearance, pressure washing for all of your exterior surfaces, outdoor algae control, or services for both residential and community buildings, Allied Roof Cleaning is the place to call. We are committed to making sure our work is top quality, no matter which service you choose. We are Southwest Florida’s number-one choice for roof cleaning, pressure cleaning, and sealing, and we would like to be your number one choice as well. If you’re still questioning why, you need Allied Roof Cleaning, visit our website to learn more!