Community/World Investment

Here at Allied Roof Cleaning we are focused beyond just providing a great service for a very fair price.  We want to invest not only in our local community but we want our employees to impact the world as well.  That’s why one of our Core Values is Community/World Investment.  Our goal is to use our company to serve others.  We will either take a day’s revenue each quarter and invest it in people who will go off and serve others or we will find a homeowner that can’t afford to have his/her  home cleaned and do it for free.  The employees will be paid but there will be no cost the recipient.  Think of it as a “Coordinated act of kindness”.  We will share details of our investments not to boast but to share in the excitement we feel about being able to bless people by the fruits of our labor.


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Fall 2017:  Hurricane Irma

September was a very tramatic time for residents of SW Florida.  For a week we watch one of the largest hurricanes on record look like it was going to go up the east coast of Florida but change directions and head towards our home town.  Due to the size of the storm many people just left the area but many stayed.  As soon as we saw our area was going to be "ground zero" for the storm we changed from cleaning roofs to helping our neighbors and employees preapare for the storm.  We sent our crews out to help people put up and take down hurricane shutters.  It's a shame that it took a storm like this to get out and meet the people who live around us.  We were honored to help by using our crews and equpment to help those who struggled preparing their homes.  We were able to help a pregnant mom, a single mom who just couldn't do it, a nurse that was called to the hospital, several elderly people that just couldn't put them on their homes and many people who just struggled doing the second floor.  It was truly a miricle that this area wasn't impacted more by the storm.  Irma hit the Florida Key as a category 4 storm with nothing but warm water in front of it.  It should have been a category 4 or 5 but at the last minute headed inland and weakened.  Although the winds were still high and we got a ton of rain, we didn't get the really high wind or the storm surge that would have really made this storm devistating.  Thank God.  One of our core values is to have a kingdom minded focus.  This storm allowed reminded us the importance of giving back and doing community service consistent with our core values.



Summer 2017 A Trip to Nicaragua to Celebrate and Meet My Sponsor Child

This past week I got the opportunity to go down and be a part of a dear friend's proposal plan. He led a high school youth group to the city of San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua and planned to propose to his girlfriend at the base of the Jesus statue overlooking the city.  After he asked, and she accepted, we came out of hiding to celebrate.

After our time in San Juan Del Sur I had the opportunity to visit the town Cristo Rey Nicaragua.  It’s a town that only exist because it’s the location of the Managua city dump.  The people who live on the outskirt of the dump work in the dumb every day sorting through the trash for items they can use or re-cycle.  It’s full of trash, clothes and medical waste. The picture on the far left is a picture of the dump.  It smells horribly and is on fire most days.  Children work along side parents as they try to make a dollar or two per day many in bare feet. 

Riverside Church via Beautiful Feet is committed to making a difference in the life of these people.  The idea is to try and break the chains of economic and emotional poverty by providing emotional support and private school education for the kids.  If the kids can go to school vs working in the dump they have a chance to break the cycle of poverty.  We sponsor a family who live in the dump and it was my first time to be able to meet them.  I got to spend the afternoon with Ana, her 3 children, her mother and her brother and sister.  What a joy it was to meet them and give them a hug.  My entire family have been down there several times to meet them and we consider them part of our family.


2016 has been a tremendous year of growth for Allied Roof Cleaning.  This year we cleaned over 6 Million sq ft of roof while also expanding our service to now include two roof maintenance options.  For our year end party this year, we decided to schedule a day where the entire company could work at a Habitat for Humanity home here in Ft Myers.  For one day, our Roof Cleaning company turned into a painting company.  The folks at Habitat were great and hugely supportive of our efforts to make a difference.  Our hope is to go back and be a part of the grand opening when the time comes.  Here’s a short video of our adventure.  Happy Holidays to everyone.


Fall 2016:  Help Our Neighbor Jude

This fall I got a call from a friend who had met a lady by the name of Jude that lived in Lehigh.  Jude was a widow that lived in East Lehigh with her dog Sadie.  She was actually the neighbor of another friend who met her one day when he drove by her house and noticed that the grass was really long.  He felt the prompting of the holy spirit to go back and talk to her so he went back introduced himself and asked if he could use her mower to cut her grass.  She admitted that her mower had broken months ago and she didn't have a way to cut it.  He eventually went back to his home and brought back his own mower and cut her grass.  They continued to talk and he discovered that her 30 year old house was in need of significant cleaning and repair.  He reached out to me to pressure wash the driveway and house so that another group could come out and paint the house.  We contemplated cleaning the roof but because it was in such bad shape, we decide it was a better idea to replace it all together.  I reached out to Glenn Bailey from Colonial Roofing who supplied the material and Gus Braat from BP Roofing installed the new roof.  Teams of other people from Riverside Church painted both the inside and out, put in all new lanscaping, tore out and installed new flooring and replace several of her major appliances.  Some of the ladies from the church even had some of her favorite pictures framed.   It was incredible experience to be a small part of the body of Christ that came to the aid of Jude.  She's a precious lady and it was an honor to serve her.  


Summer 2016:  Rob Going To Haiti with the Riverside Church Young Adult Group

This summers mission trip to Haiti has been a trip I will never forget. I have gone on international mission trips before in the past and have absolutely loved them and felt called to them. Due to time and finances that have gotten in the way over the last few years, I haven't been able to take any. I am blessed to be working for a company like Allied Roof Cleaning and owners in Brian and Heidi Basik who are intentional in investing in their employees and the kingdom. I was able to spend a week in Haiti loving on children and families, providing clean water, painting houses, and sharing the gospel. I saw some amazing things and was a part of a team who really dove into our mission of loving whoever is in front of us the best that we can. I am excited to be back in the states to bring back this new, fiery passion and desire i gained in Haiti of loving people well, and really living that out back at home. Thank you Allied Roofing for your investment in me and allowing me to do something so great. I am so blessed to be a part of this company and honored to do life with everyone who is a part of this special family!!

God bless,

Rob Bullerdick


February 2016: Neighbors helping Neighbors on the Cape


A couple of weeks ago one of our crew members, Lee Capo, was talking about his neighbor in Coral Lakes during one of our morning huddles.  He said his neighbor had planned to clean his roof but was unable to complete the job due to the fact that he was too tired due to the effects of his Chemo treatment.  Since two of our core values are community investment and maintaining a kingdom focus we quickly agreed that this was a project we wanted to take on at no cost to the customer.

I called his neighbor Rich Davis and just asked about his situation.  What a great guy!  He is a retired detective from City of Fort Myers Police Department and had even appeared on two episodes of the TV show Cops.  As you can see from the picture Rich is a big guy with a huge heart for serving.  He’s the one in the middle flanked by Bobby (left) and Lee (right).  He found out about his cancer after he had gone through hip replacement surgery when they discovered issues in his lab work. 

It’s been a long fight for Rich but he has been holding up and being molded by what God is teaching him through this ordeal.   He is heavily supported by his family, friends, church and community.   It’s interesting to note that Rich attends Crosspoint Christian Church in the Cape, which is a church my church (i.e. Riverside Church) has partnered with recently.  In fact, Rich attended discipleship training just recently and had met many of the key leaders in our church. Rich is married to Amy Davis who is the founder, CEO and Principal of the Classical Christian Academy where, I just discovered in writing this blog, the Chairman of the board is one of the fathers whose son wrestle on the team I coach at Southwest Florida Christian Academy.  Small world!

What an incredible testimony Rich has for those who have encountered life threatening illnesses and how God continues to be good no matter what.  It was such a blessing to meet Rich and be able to serve him in a very simple way of cleaning the rest of his roof.  He actually blessed us and we look forward to hopefully being able to celebrate the news that his cancer is in remission


Summer 2015:  This past summer we were honored to be able to help send Isia and Tyler (i.e.two of our crew members) to Haiti on a short term mission trip where they worked with Mission of Hope.  Take a look at the video they put together about their adventure.


1st Quarter 2015:  We took the proceeds from a day’s work and help fund two young ladies, Amanda and Abby Ferrell,  to go down to Cristo Rey, Nicaragua and work with the kids that live in the dump.  They went down as part of an Organization called Beautiful Feet and Riverside church.  Beautiful feet is a wonderful organization ( that got its name from Romans 10:15  "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news".  Please go to their website to find out more about how you can sponsor a child.


Here is how Abby described her experience:

“Thank you so much for sponsoring me on my missions trip to Nicaragua I had an unbelievable time loving on the kids and being prayer over and just getting to experience God in a new way. I am so grateful for your company because without you guys I would not have been able to go at all and this is something that really impacted my life for the better.

On his trip I had two really moving experiences, I really got to love on this girl named Jacali and grow so close despite the language barrier and I ended up being able to buy her a bracelet which meant the world to her and seeing her gratitude for something as simple as that really touched my heart and I will never forget her and her mother’s face and the joy that had.

Secondly, I had the privilege to be baptized in Nicaragua which was so amazing in itself and I loved being able to do it somewhere that was so close to my heart and all of this was possible because of your company so thank you so incredibly much for sponsoring me”

Amanda's Experience Serving the Kids That Live in the Dump in Christo Rey, Niaragaua:

We are very proud of both Amanda and Abby for their hearts and their willingness to go and spend their spring break loving on these kids that live in stark poverty and neglect. What a huge investment they’ve made in the lives of these kids!