Brick Paver Cleaning and Paver Sealing Services


Pavers are very versatile and an excellent choice for your landscape and hardscape designs, but over time the paver color starts to inevitably fade and lose its appeal. Here in SW FL these pavers are incredibly vulnerable to the harsh sun.  Restoring pavers brings back its original color and prevents erosion. Allied Roof Cleaning team of professional technicians assist you in restoring your brick pavers. The installation of our color enhancing sealing will renew the surfaces color naturally and provide a protective barrier from the sun and it’s damaging effects as well as stains, dirt, mold, mildew and weeds growth, as well as keeping them safe and stabilized.  

Why do you need to seal your pavers?

Pavers here in SW FL taking a beating due to the sun and the amount of water we receive.  Brick pavers today are mostly made of concrete which is a porous material, susceptible to all kinds of staining and marking. Oil, grease and rust are very difficult to remove from unsealed pavers because they are so easily absorbed. Unsealed pavers retain water for long periods, creating and ideal situation for mold and mildew to grow.

  • Sealing pavers protects against the intense Florida sun and other natural elements.
  • Sealing driveway brick pavers from oil, rust and other stains
  • Sealing concrete Inhibits weed growth, insect intrusion and mildew.
  • Sealing enhances the look of the pavers, adds curb appeal and value to your home.
  • Do you know that sealing pavers also provides structural integrity by locking the paver jointing sand in place.
  • With most cleaning and sealing jobs we can complete the entire paver sealing process all in 1 day.  We are proud to be approved applicators for the premier  Ure-Seal brick paver sealing system, we are able to clean, re-sand & apply 2 coats of sealer ALL IN THE SAME DAY! Giving you less down time to have your car back in the garage or kids back in the pool within 24 hours!
  • 2 year brick paver sealing warranty (With Ure-Seal paver sealant only)

The Allied Roof Cleaning and Sealing Process

Many times, we are asked to come in after someone has either done the work themselves with a cheap product or hired a company that just didn’t know how to professional clean, prep and seal the pavers.  As a result, the first thing we need to do is strip away the defective sealant which ends up being expensive but the only way to bring back the pavers original color and look.  The best thing you can do is hire someone who knows what they are doing.  Our process is pretty simple and build of a great deal of experience:

  • We treat the surface with our highly diluted chlorine mixture to kill mold and mildew on and between the tiles. 
  • For areas that have efflorescence we have a special Ure-Seal product that can eliminate the issue
  • For other areas that have dirt, oil or other stains we have a special degreaser that will pull much of these containments to the surface
  • Thorough power washing the entire area which may include the use of our heated pressure washer
  • Specially blended, paver specific sand that is brushed and watered into place
  • 2 coats of Ure-Seal paver sealer (please see notes below)
  • 2 year warranty with years beyond of durability (with Ure-Seal - other sealants available upon request but may not carry a warranty beyond manufacturers)

Why Re-Sanding is Important

Many times we'll be approached by a customer who had their pavers sealed but is now experiencing considerable weed growth between the tiles.  The issue isn't necessary with the tiles or the sealant.   The problem is with the process.  When you clean pavers with a scrubber and pressure washer you will naturally blow out a considerable amount of sand from between the tiles.  Sometimes we even remove the sand/dirt on purpose to get all the weeds out.  The sand was put there originally to stabilize the pavers and to boarder the pavers.  If you don't replace it then the pavers will move and dirt will take it place over time thus providing the perfect place for weeds to set up shop.

So if this is the case, why don't all paver sealant company re-sand after cleaning.  It comes down to time and money.  Many times when we bid a jobs we end up being one of the more expensive options because of all the steps we include in our process.  If all I was going to do was clean and seal your pavers it would take less than half the time of re-sanding and it would be "cheaper".  I see this happen all the time when when we come out and have to explain to a homeowner that we have to do the job all over again since the previous company took a short cut to save money. Half our ground sealant business is re-work after the previous company did a poor job.   

Not only do we re-sand the pavers but we also use a special sand that will be "hardened" when we apply the two coats of our sealer.  That's the key for keeping your pavers clear of weeds.  The sealer needs to do it's job of putting a protective layer over the pavers and the right sealer will harden the sand as well.  

We offer concrete slab sealing services and brick paver and stone paver sealing services in Marco Island, Naples Florida, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral. Call us at (239) 322-9227 for a free onsite estimate.