Don’t rent a pressure washer for roof cleaning

Your home is a big investment and roof cleaning is necessary to protect that investment. Because you want to be part of keeping your home well maintained, you may be considering renting a pressure washer to get your tile looking clean and beautiful. Before you rent a pressure washer, let’s explore some of the reasons you may want to hire a professional to clean your roof.

Protecting your roof

Cleaning your roof is a good step in regular maintenance but cleaning it wrong can end up causing harm. One of the biggest dangers to your roof is foot traffic. Simply put, the tiles are not made to accommodate a lot of foot traffic. In fact, tile manufacturers like Boral advise homeowners to avoid walking on tile if at all possible.  We use BIL-JAX 55-foot articulating lifts that allow us to reach up and over most one- and two-story buildings. For taller buildings, we use ladders. The combination of our process and equipment allows us to clean most roofs without ever walking on them.

Damage from high-pressure washing

The use of high-pressure washers is popular because it is quick and often less expensive, but the true cost may be much higher. Manufacturers recommend “…a pressure cleaner set at approximately 1200 psi should be used. The tip of the nozzle of the pressure cleaner should be kept approximately one to two feet from the tile.” But most commercial pressure washers operate at around 4,000 psi. This can actually damage the tile and lead to increased mold and mildew growth. The high-pressure process creates dimples in the tile that collect more dirt.

Low-pressure cleaning protects your roof

Our low-pressure process operates at around 100 to 110 psi and will not damage your roof tile. Our solution is made up of highly diluted chlorine and an eco-friendly cleaner. As mentioned earlier, the combination of our equipment and processes allows us to clean most roofs without having to walk on them. Our team can normally clean a 4,000 sq ft roof in about 3-4 hours, depending on the severity of the mold and mildew.

Protecting your landscaping

Landscaping is another important part of your home’s attractiveness, and we are careful to respect that. To help preserve your plants we have one person on our team dedicated to watering plants before, during, and after the roof cleaning. For particularly sensitive plants, we will cover them, and our team members work in unison to try to funnel chemicals away from the delicate areas.

Time savings

This could be one of the most important reasons. Renting a pressure washer and doing it yourself may sound like a great idea to save some money, but when you look at the time investment, the savings may shrink. Our professionals have the tools and experience to make short work of your roof cleaning. Last year, we successfully cleaned about 7 million sq ft of roof tiles. We can clean yours while you spend time doing something you want to do.

Contact us for your roof cleaning, pressure cleaning, and sealant needs, and let us help you plan how you will protect your investment next.