Allied Roof Cleaning is excited to be the sole Distributor and Applicator of ARREST-R in SW FL!  

When dealing with certain materials such as clay or cement tiles and asphalt, products with very small molecules are usually required to insure a more uniform surface coverage and deeper penetration into the material’s substrate. ARREST-R™ is formulated to provide nano-sized molecules (copper particles) that flow deeply into the roof tile and uniformly across the roof surface. ARREST-R is ionized which mean that the  copper particles have a bonding ability (sticking) when it is sprayed on to a surface. This creates a “micro-shield” over the tile surface and within it forming a “breathable bond” within the roof tile so that mold or black algae cannot bond to it.

How it works!

Cheltec’s ARREST-R™ System utilizes proprietary nano-molecular liquid components formulated in Stabitrol™ to deeply penetrate the roof tile or shingle. Proven modes of action: 1) Continually cleans substrates with an ionization action for 2+ years without the need for touch-up spot treatments. 2) Bonds tightly within the tile’s micro-pores to form a flexible and breathable protective film that acts as a shield or barrier between the food source within the tile/shingle substrate (lime and calcium) and the many airborne contaminates such as algae, mold, mildew, and other micro-organisms that feed on the food source; essentially starving the invaders.


Stain Prevention


An ionization “enhancement” solution

The ARREST-R reason to “buy and apply!”

 2+ Years of Residual Activity

 No more chlorine treatments

 Eliminates the need for annual “pressure-wash” cleaning

 Eliminates roof-damages caused by annual pressure washing

 Deeper roof penetration

 Lasting preventative treatments

 Aids in extending roof life (Tile and Shingle Roofs)

 Doesn’t leach or evaporate during or after application

 Creates a “breathable” barrier within the substrate preventing staining and fungal build up

 Eco-aqua safe

 Easy maintenance application every two years


  • ARREST-R provides superior uniform surface coverage on all types of roof covering, and prevents roof stains for a minimum of two years with just one application.
  • An ARREST-R treated roof eliminates the need for annual pressure-washing and the subsequent roof-damage caused by  the high-powered cleaning with harsh chemical use or even with water. No more worries when using ARREST-R !
  • ARREST-R has been applied to clay barrel and flat tile, cement tile and asphalt shingle roofs throughout Central and South Florida for over five years. ARREST-R is a proven defense against the worst roof stain offenders (naturally occurring microorganisms which aid in the erosion of roof-substrates over time) and is rapidly becoming the leader for innovate stain prevention in Florida.
  • ARREST-R’s advantage over its competitors is its proprietary formulation in Cheltec’s Stabitrol™. Other metallic products are formulated with either “dissociated” (completely diluted and weak) acids which slightly dissolves the metal or with EDTA chelates that weaken the metal’s bonding potential. Also, an EDTA formulation will increase the size of a metallic ion which prohibits deep pore penetration into a roof substrate. It bonds only weakly to the roof-surface.
  • What is Stabitrol? It is a lower than neutral pH liquid “force field” that suspends metallic ions in solution enhancing the natural bonding potential of the metal. What does this mean? It means that Stabitrol is a carrier of metallic ions in a unique liquid form that flows deeply into the pores of a roof, then energizes these metallic ion to strongly bond with the substrate to create a breathable film within the substrate below the roof’s surface. This micro-film barrier disrupts the adhesion of airborne invaders and prevents roof staining.
  • How do roof stains form? Roof stains are formed when airborne invaders such as algae, fungi, mold, etc. land on and attach to the surface of a roof first, then grow  deeper into the substrate and attach to it creating a dark blotchy or streaky roof appearance.