3 Essential Ways to Maintain a Clean Roof & Home

Your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. So, shouldn’t you treat it that way? Just like a car or any other investment, a home needs routine maintenance and cleaning. Keeping an eye on your house walls, floors, and roof will ensure your home has a long, healthy life and maintains its value. Home and roof maintenance don’t have to be hard work or expensive. In fact, it will save you a lot of money over time if done correctly. There are many ways to keep a clean roof and home, but there are a few that should be considered essentials.

1. Regularly check for mold and mildew.

Two of the biggest problem causers in Florida when it comes to your home are mold and mildew. If you’ve lived in Florida long, you probably have already noticed what it can do. Southwest Florida homes are constantly enduring rain and humidity, so it’s no surprise to find mold or mildew. The key is to handle it quickly and correctly. If not treated efficiently, these little devils can cause very costly repairs.

It’s best to have spots of mold and mildew removed with a gentle, low-pressure cleaning method. This will uncover and get rid of your problem before it worsens or spreads. Just remember to keep an eye on the spots because they can sit under the paint and decay your wall without you even realizing until it is too late. Also, remember to only paint AFTER a roof cleaning. Paint is not a solution to the problem.

2. Enroll in a roof maintenance program that minimizes or eliminates the number of cleanings.

Another way to keep a clean roof & home and maintain your home’s value is to enroll in a roof maintenance program. We recommend a program that eliminates or minimizes your number of roof cleanings in order to reduce wear and tear. This will prevent growth and damage from building up over time and keep your home looking great. It’s better to prevent issues than to run your investment by waiting too long and then having to treat or replace walls.

A roof maintenance program is not just crucial to your home, but also you and your family. Buildup on the outside of your home can have a substantial impact on the air around as well as inside. This affects your air quality, worsening breathing or allergy problems. Leaving mold or mildew untreated will also increase the likelihood of growth inside your home.

3. Use a sealant.

A sure-fire way to prevent mold and mildew is using a sealant. Of course, you will want to make sure any area you seal is clean and healthy first. Many people don’t realize how many surfaces there are around your home that you can have sealed. Sealing your concrete surfaces will not only keep them sparkling, but also keep away any growth that may come crawling. You can also seal your pool deck. That way you can enjoy yourself and stop worrying about poolside spills! We can also seal natural stone. This will bring out the color in your stone and keep it strong longer.

A roof sealant should be mandatory if you live in our area. If you have your roof cleaned, you should consider having it sealed shortly after. This will extend the life of the cleaning and protect against all kinds of damage and growth. Using sealant all around your property exterior will help maintain a clean roof and home for an extended amount of time.

These three steps may seem like a lot of work, but compared to buying a new roof or having a wall knocked out, they are a piece of cake! Isn’t your home worth it? At Allied, we can help you with all three of these services! We understand how important your home is to you and your family. That’s why we use gentle cleaners and avoid walking on your roof as much as possible when we provide our services. If you are due a roof cleaning or a sealing, please give us a call or get a free quote online.