3 Benefits of Using a Travertine Sealant

Travertine flooring is a beautifully classic way to spruce up any home. It is especially famous for its durability as well as design. It pairs exceptionally well with tile roof homes and creates a more natural atmosphere. Although there are many advantages to decorating with travertine floor, it can be more high maintenance than other flooring. If you spend the money to invest in this look, you will want it to last. Sadly, if not correctly maintained, travertine floors will stain, mold, and lose color depth. The best way to prevent these issues is by using a travertine sealant or coating. Here are three major reasons why you should seal your travertine flooring.

1. Mildew & Mold Protection

Any stone or tile floor will eventually collect mold and mildew if the conditions are right. In Southwest Florida, the conditions are always right. The humidity and constant moisture of Florida air make it very easy for mold and mildew to take over your beautiful stonework. When you have your travertine sealed off, it prevents mold and mildew from getting into the porous stone and spreading. Travertine sealant will keep your stone healthy and clean. It will also prevent bad odors or allergens from infiltrating your home.

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2. Color Enhancement

Not only will sealing travertine floors keep them from collecting fungus, but it will also bring out the natural beauty of the stone. When we apply a sealant to travertine, it creates a shining, vibrant look. The sealant will create a glossy coating on the rock, giving it a rich, clean, and lasting appearance. If you have travertine on outside areas, sealant will also prevent the hot Florida sun from fading the color of the stone. The salt in the air can also create a white film layer in the travertine. This causes the color to appear washed out. The topcoat of sealant prevents the salt from seeping into the rock. That way, all you have to do is spray the salt and sand off to get rid of the film.

3. Protection Against Erosion

Sand doesn’t just wash out your flooring – it can damage the stone. Chances are, there will eventually be sand on your floor. And, without sealant, sand can erode, scratch, and damage travertine over time. Erosion will only make your floor more susceptible to stains and mold. If your flooring is outside, there is a higher chance that weather and salt will corrode your investment. Standing water will also damage your stone and lead to cracks and bulges. Travertine sealant protects against all erosion and scratches, keeping your stone as new as the day you bought it.

Our Travertine Sealant & Color Enhancement Process

Allied’s travertine sealant process is very easy. First, we sanitize and clean the floor. This will remove any stains or debris from the surface, guaranteeing the stone will look great once we apply the sealant. Then, we do a soft pressure wash to remove any acid or detergents that may have seeped into the tile. We do all of this because travertine is such a porous stone. We will make sure there is nothing present that could harm or dull the rock. After a thorough cleaning, our technicians will replenish any sand that was lost during the cleaning, if necessary. Finally, we apply a long-lasting Ure-Seal Stone Sealant. We will do all the work for you; all you have to do it let it dry!

If you are ready to protect and beautify your floor with a travertine sealant, click here to request a free estimate.