Roof Maintenance Programs

Tired of paying to get your roof cleaned only to watch it slowly get dirty again?

Tired of getting warning notices from your HOA telling you to get your roof cleaned or else?

Worried that continue roof traffic by cleaners will cause big $$ damaage and repair?

We are excited to offer our customer 2 exclusive solutions to keep your roof clean for years to come.  Both Splash Proof nano-coating and Roof-Aide are great solutions that you can only get through Allied Roof Cleaning.  

Here is a quick overview of each solutions.  See their respective tabs for more information

Splash Proof Nano-Coating (Both Water and Solvent Based)

  • ​​Must be applied on a clean roof and must be applied by walking on the roof (Cost and coverage)
  • It's a clear penetrating sealer that waterproofs cement and stone surfaces
  • It's a Siliconate so it bonds with the lime and substrate to created a "glass mesh" that allows vapor to pass through but not water molecules.
  • Dramatically reduces mold and mildew growth
  • Not impacted by UV rays
  • Reinforces the density and hardness of concrete
  • Protects the color of the tiles and pavers by not allowing water transmission of the pigmentation
  • Eliminates staining
  • 5 year warranty on ground surfaces: concrete, pavers and stone
  • 10 year warranty on roof tile or verticle surfaces.


  • The product is a copper sulfate that has been used as an algaecide for years
  • It must be applied on a clean roof.  Can be applied by walking or spraying from a ladder/lift. Walking is preferred to get best coverage.
  • 2 year warranty against roof stains from mold and mildew.
  • The homeowner must sign an initial four year agreement (i.e two applications).  Payment is due when product is applied.
  • The roof will always remain clean between applications