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The choice is clear...

We do not walk on your roof to pressure clean it.

Because it is nearly impossible to walk on a tile roof without cracking, breaking or moving the tiles, we NEVER do! Walking on the roof is dangerous for the worker and exposes the homeowner to possible liabilities as well as potentially impacting the warranty on the roof. Allied Roof Cleaning use only ladders or our bucket truck to reach all parts of your roof.

We use gentle low pressure to clean your surfaces.

When pressure washing your roof,GENTLE is better. The goal is to clean your surface with the lowest pressure possible necessary to do the job. "High pressure" or "power" cleaning removes the top surface of the roof tile thereby reducing the life expectancy of your roof and in many cases, impacting the warranty on your roof. Gentle, low pressure cleaning is recommended to keep your roof tile healthy and clean.

The roof cleaning foam solution we use is effective and safe.

We use a combination of Eco-friendly soap and highly diluted chlorine. This foam solution is gently sprayed on your roof, where it kills mold and algae, and loosens dirt. After a few minutes, the foam is rinsed off with clean water, and your roof is IMMEDIATELY clean! Our crews water plants and impacted surfaces before, during and after the process and cover delicate plants.  

Hundreds of Happy Customers!

We are a licensed and insured roof cleaning company and concrete and paver sealing company.

We know it's critical to have confidence in the roof cleaning company working on your property. Our teams are professional, uniformed, licensed and insured, and we provide all the documentation you need.

We provide a full spectrum of roof cleaning, driveway pressure washing and sealing, patio cleaning and home cleaning services.

We clean almost any surface with our low pressure system:

  • Roof cleaning and Tile Roof Sealing
  • Commercial Building Exterior pressure washing
  • Driveways and Sidewalk pressure washing and Paver sealing
  • Decks, Patios, Lanai and Pool Cages
  • Window washing and Cleaning (deionized water and normal window solvents used)
Here at Allied Roof Cleaning we are committed to having the right technology.  Recently we have invested in a drone (Phantom 3 Professional) that can provide incredible before and after pictures and videos of our projects.  We have had property managers, real estate agents and general contractors use our video to showcase their services as well as the completed property.   Over the course of the next year you’ll see more and more videos of not only our home and driveway cleaning service but the process as well. Enjoy.



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Clean your roof to extend the life of your roof and prevent insurance companies from dropping you!