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We Never Need to Walk on your Roof - No More Broken Tiles with our Bucket Truck

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Specializing in Residential Pressure Washing and Commercial Roof Cleaning of flat, barrel, slate and cement tile, metal, asphalt and fiberglass shingles. Our no to low pressure cleaning is a certified chemical wash that will KILL algae, mildew and black mold from the roof while insuring no damage will be caused to the roof surface.

Allied Roof Cleaning also offers a variety of Pressure Washing Services. From house power washing services, commercial building power washing, driveway cleaning and sealing, walkway power washing, pool deck cleaning and sealing. Allied Roof Cleaning does so much more than roofs, we also expertly clean screened lanais, gutters, soffit and fascia, as well as vinyl siding, fences and decks.

All Florida Window Cleaning division offers professional, interior and exterior window cleaning services, for both residential and commercial clients.

There are many reasons to get your roof pressure cleaned. Here are just a few of them.

Improve curb appeal and increase the sales price of your home if listed on the real estate market. Amazing- Instant Results with our Certified Roof Chemical Wash No more Damage to your Tile Tiles with our Back Yard Bucket Truck.

  • Roof algae, moss, and lichens are feeding on the organic material on your roof. Our roof cleaning and sealing products will stop the damage that these roof staining organisms are doing to your roof. The longer they are allowed to stay and feast, the more damage they cause. All roof types, including ceramic and clay tile, cement, asphalt and fiberglass shingles, wood shake or metal are all susceptible to algae infestation.
  • Your insurance company can cancel your homeowners policy and your HOA can remove your community privileges. Insurance companies know that roofs without the proper cleaning and sealing will negatively impact the overall integrity of the roof, leading to wood rot and mold growth even inside your home.
  • Prevent animals from invading, The odor of rotting wood attracts animals according to critter control experts.
  • Pressure washing and sealing your roof tiles will also improve the efficiency of your home to heat and cool. The algae covered roof absorbs heat and increases your cooling costs.
  • Pressure cleaning your roof is a cost saving alternative to premature re-roofing. There is absolutely no reason to re-roof when your roof can look like new again for a fraction of replacement costs.